Why you need a direct online ordering system

Why you need a direct online ordering system

Now that it is in such high demand, restaurants might be feeling a lot of pressure to provide the right ordering system, one that boosts their sales in the time of this crisis.

Read on to find out things in this regard that you need to consider. We’ll cover the following:

1. Direct online ordering vs third-party ordering apps
2. Benefits of each during COVID-19 crisis
3. Why online ordering is so important

1. Direct online ordering vs third-party ordering apps

Direct online ordering system will be a solution that lets your customers order and take away directly from you. Customers can check your menu, then order directly on your website. Having a POS solution will mean you don’t have to update menus everywhere and your deliveries and pick up points will be of your choice. You get to keep all the revenue and it’ll also mean you get to treat the customers in your own way.

While third party apps, like foodpanda, cheetay, eatmubarik have their own pros and cons. You don’t have to manage payments on your own, 3rd party apps will be responsible from order till payment receipt. You’ll also have a choice of whether to use a single platform or more than one. You have to pay the platforms a share of your profits. Their fees are how they earn, and that’s hard for some restaurants.

2. Benefits of each during COVID-19 crisis

While both systems have their pros and cons, it can’t be neglected that during this pandemic, both have their own special place.

Some providers may not charge an integration fee while some may charge as much as $100.

Third party apps

As a restaurant owner, you won’t have to deal with the platform management, payment, riders and drivers. Those platforms take care of these for you.

  • You only have to provide them with the food and you get to keep your cut.
  • More people can know about your restaurant when they are using famous platforms
  • Your business gets more exposure

Online ordering system

Online ordering system has its own benefits

  • You get to keep all the revenue
  • You get to keep your customers happy on your terms
  • You don’t have to update your menus everywhere

3. Why direct online ordering is so important

There are many reasons why direct online ordering can be a better choice as compared to the third party apps

1. You get to keep more of your profit

Third party app means you are going to have to split your profits between you and 3rd party platforms. But deploying your own business app will mean you get to keep 100% of your profits and you and your employees get the benefits.

2. Make use of your own team more

Having your own ordering app is a guarantee that your own staff will get the benefits, and thus you’ll be able to keep more people employed.

3. Give amazing experience to your customers

Your own ordering app means that your customers are going to have direct contact with your employees. And since your staff is well trained to know the restaurant completely, they can help you grow your business and maintain a positive image in front of your customers, something that third party platforms won’t really bother with.

4. Manage your offers

You have no say in the promotions and offers happening in the 3rd party apps, and that could have an impact on your business.

For example, let’s say foodpanda has put up a promotion for 50% off, that means more people are going to order, but it can’t be denied that the restaurants are the ones getting the hit. Now if you have your own online ordering system, it’ll let you help and manage your business like you want. Promote and make offers according to your own specifications and on your own terms.

5. Reduce errors in orders

When you receive direct notifications about a placed order, the room for error decreases. Third party apps can make mistakes while typing in the orders manually. If a direct online ordering system is synced to your POS menu, all the menu updates need to be made in one place only.

Online ordering system will give you more profit and more control, these factors are most important for the success of your business.

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