Steps to Reopen Restaurant After Covid-19

Now, when the lock down is being lifted from all over the country, there are some major steps that are needed to be taken in order to reopen your restaurant. By following these safety measures, you can get your restaurant up in no time.

Proper Cleaning & Sanitation of Your Space 

Thoroughly clean and sanitize your restaurant before reopening. Identify seldom and high-touch areas and clean those places with good sanitizers and do not leave any equipment, especially point of sale systems. Properly wash, rinse and sanitize food making tools before using them again. You must disinfect all the areas of your restaurant properly by sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the floors. Once you are done with cleaning, prepare a daily cleaning schedule for your staff to follow.

Required Upgrades of Equipment 

Before you reopen your restaurant, make sure all your equipment is working fine. It’s better to turn in all the equipment a few weeks ago so that you can replace units that are needed to be upgraded. In this regard, you need to make sure all the refrigerators, freezers, walk in coolers are holding a standard temperature. For the cooking process, turn on the gas line and check the equipment’s required range of cooking temperatures.

Upgrade Your Food Inventory 

You need to upgrade your food inventory and make sure your food stock is fresh and ready to be included in your restaurant’s menu. If your inventory has expired or contains out of date food, discard it immediately. It’s better to create a shopping list keeping in mind your intended menu. In addition to this, contact your food supply chains and make sure they have enough supply to meet your needs. 

Introduce Touch-less Practices in Your Restaurant 

In order to keep your customers safe, you need to make some important changes in terms of customer interaction with your staff while making orders. Draw a line that allows 6 foot spacing between customers before your counter of ordering. You can also set barriers for proper partitioning. You need to reduce the number of tables in your restaurant so that you can add proper distance between the tables in your dining area. 

Ordering Through QR Codes 

Ordering from smart phones has proven way more convenient for restaurant customers in this ongoing pandemic. That is why, customers are more likely to choose a restaurant which has QR code ordering so that they can discover the restaurant through mobile technology. And it also promotes social distancing and prevents customer interaction. For more information

Proper Training of Your Staff 

You need to train your staff by practicing the changes you have put in your restaurant and hire additional staff to keep up with the regular sanitation process if needed. Enforce glove wearing and frequent hand washing and replace normal soaps with antibacterial liquid soaps in order to prevent the disease. 

By following all these precautionary measures, you can return your restaurant to normal, once quarantine begins to lift.

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