How to Market Your Restaurant’s Online Ordering

How to Market Your Restaurant’s Online Ordering

Due to lockdown situations, the restaurant industry has been struggling. Customers were stuck in home and hesitant to be around others even after the restrictions were eased.

As the restaurants are moving away from third party apps and going for their own reservations system, one question comes to mind: How to market your restaurant’s online ordering system.

To increase your own web site’s volume, first the diners should know that ordering online is an option. You need a plan to promote your restaurants online ordering.

We’ll go over how to market your restaurant’s online ordering across different platforms.

Social media marketing

For a restaurant marketing plan, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have always been a huge part. But it’s more important now than ever. An active social media profile can keep your brand on the top, as they can bring your dining room and behind the scenes to your customers, especially when they can’t come to you.

It is also the best way to make people know about your online ordering. They can know how and what they can order from you.

Set Up and Optimize Accounts

You should start by setting up your social media account if you don’t already have one.

Getting started is the most simple part. At the first level, you just need an email address, a password, a user name and a profile photo (you can use your restaurant’s logo or some signature dish)

Specially take a look at your bio, you should cover all the main stuff like:

Hours of operation

Tell your customers when you are going to be operational. At what time takeaway is available and at what time you are open for delivery.

Integration fees

One of the major conveniences of having a reservation system lies in the ability to sync it directly to your POS system, which makes managing the reservations easier. Integration fee is basically the fee that you pay to make your reservation system and POS to communicate with each other.

Current offering

Your bio should tell your customers what you are currently offering, takeout, delivery or dine in.

Contact information

Your users can call or email by clicking on the auto generated call and email buttons. So add your information accordingly.

Website link

You can add a link that takes the users to your website or your order page.


Diners should know your address so they can find you easily. Put your address in the bio as well.

Figure Out What to Post

Now that your social media is set up, it’s time to post. Get creative with how you are going to Market your restaurant to show the diners what is special.

You can do so much for this, here are some suggestions.

1. Share your current menu and make it even better with the pictures.
2. Show people what food safety measures you are taking.
3. Give them some incentives if they are ordering directly.

Figure Out When to Post

It’s important to consider when and how much you should post.

For example, one study found that the best time to post is Wednesday and from 9 am to 3 pm on weekdays. It also said that it is recommended for businesses to post minimum three times a week on facebook. Another study showed that Wednesdays are also a great day to post on Instagram and Sunday is the worst day. Businesses should not post more than three times a day on Instagram. While these are general recommendations, they are good enough to be a starting point.

Grow your following

It’s natural that you’d want to grow your business and having a big number of followers means more people can check your business. There are many ways to increase followers.

Paid ads or hashtags

You can use paid ads or boosted content but in case you don’t have budget yet, hashtags are a pretty solid strategy too. Like #burgers, #takeout, #delivery. You can use important hashtags that can help people find you.

Encourage audience sharing

It has become a trend among people to share if they eat a good meal. Take advantage of this and make ways for people that they share pictures of your food. You can do it by creating eye capturing takeout packaging or by giving discounts and gift cards to people who share and review your food.

Look into influencers

There’s no denying the fact that the influencers do what the name given to them suggests, they influence people into doing something. You can pay the influencers to post reviews and you can also give them free samples and invite them at food tastings.

Always discuss beforehand with them what you want them to say about you.

Website updates

Especially during current times, people are browsing the internet for dinner options. You should make sure that the customers can find your website and they can easily get the information they need and place an order.

How to increase traffic

You should consider different ways to increase traffic to your website. Keep following things in mind

1. Your website should be in different directories. So people can find you on different platforms like different browsers and social media platforms.
2. You can run ads so people can find you more easily.
3. You should consider using strong keywords, something that people usually use while ordering online.
4. You should make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

How to optimize for orders

Now that you have traffic, make sure you receive orders

1. Your order now button should be highlighted and most prominent.
2. Your menu should be optimized.
3. If you include images of food, it will become more engaging for the people.

Local listings is another way to Market your business. Some ideas are:

1. Have Google my business page and update it continuously.
2. Be active on the review sites.

Third party apps

While they take commission fees, third party apps are still a good Choice so that more people can have eyes on your business. More people can order if you have your menu on different third party apps as well. Apps like Foodpanda and Cheetay are popular among people and these apps can help you to increase your orders.

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